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Eating habits article

The Mindset That Will Change Your Eating Habits

Do you feel like you’re not eating well? Do you always feel bloated, fatigued, tired and generally unhealthy? For people who want to lose weight, it’s very hard to quit eating habits that you have already got used to.

Women exercise article

How to Crush These 10 Excuses That Prevent You from Working Out

Do you remember that promise you told yourself at the end of the Holidays? The same promise you made this week before and probably just last Monday? Yep, the one where you promised to work out and get motivated but “things” always came up - and so you can’t do it. If this sounds like you then read on.

Belly fat article

Lifestyle Tweaks for a Flatter and More Toned Belly - Diet & Nutrition Info and Tips

Is your belly fat eating much of your self esteem?

Belly fat is considered unattractive based on today’s beauty standards. But what should you be more concerned about is how it’s very unhealthy for you. Those fats that tend to gather around your belly and make sitting uncomfortable are actually extra calories you haven’t burned through exercise.

Don’t have time for exercise? Then don’t eat food you can’t burn..