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4 Ways To Overcome Food Addiction and Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

You might think that there’s no way someone can get addicted to food but study after study reveals that it’s possible. There are people who are addicted to food (junk foods), in the same way, drug addicts are addicted to drugs. In this article, we’ll find out what food addiction really is, along with tips on how to overcome it.

Pet costs article

5 Smart Ways To Save on Pet Care

Pets can bring so much love and joy to our household. And while caring for one may not be as expensive as raising a child, owning a pet can still be costly.

English bulldog article

English bulldogs: Call for Help for the Dying Breed

Most English bulldogs suffer from many genetic diseases and die an early death, and this may get even worse if not given early intervention, a new study suggests.

Dentist fear article

Braving the Dentist: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Dental Fears

You have an upcoming appointment to your dentist. But days before the session you already feel nervous. Your hands start to sweat, you can’t sleep at night… you make a thousand excuses just so you can avoid meeting with your dentist – wishing your tooth will magically heal itself.