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Freelance Beginner Tips: The Pitfalls to Avoid - Hongkiat

If you’re still unsure whether or not to pursue freelancing, chances are you’ve contemplated what life is like as a full-time freelancer. You’ve probably heard of the many splendid perks of freelancing, but you’re still dying to know if it’s really all sunny and greener “on the other side”.

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10 Smart Trackers for Pet Owners - Hongkiat

Having rambunctious pets that like to roam around a lot can drive pet owners crazy. If you have a dog who likes to catch squirrels across the street or a cat that likes to go out every night, these smart GPS collars will prove helpful in keeping your worries away as you monitor your pet’s whereabouts.

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How to Secure Your Computer from Identity Thieves - Hongkiat

Identity theft is a nightmare everyone could experience. It can affect individuals, businesses and even government agencies that run their services online. Identity thieves use other people’s identity to commit crimes such as stealing, slander, or for his or her own personal or financial interest.