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5 Editing Tips to Improve Your Content in 2016 — Medium

Hurrah! You’ve finished your article!
After long hours of sweating over your choice of words, pondering over the best way to structure your ideas, and creating concise sentence that get to the point — you’ve done it! But wait, it’s not finished yet?

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7 Reasons Why Bookworms Turn Out To Be More Successful in Life — Medium

Reading has always been a hobby for smart people. The greatest minds of our century had their noses in books for a while before they got recognized in their fields. When instilled with passion, reading can be a life-changing activity that will benefit you for all your life. Here are seven reasons why bookworms turn out to be more successful in life:

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8 Brilliant Hacks for Better Sleep — Medium

Sleep plays a vital role in our well-being. It is as important as diet and exercise. Sleep not only functions to give energy but it also optimizes memory, brain and physical performance. Overall, it keeps you alert, happy and healthy. So, don’t take your sleep for granted — here are brilliant hacks that will help you get a good shut-eye every night.