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Top Paying Jobs for Those Without a Degree - Miss Millennia ...

Decades ago a four-year college degree was all you needed to secure good high paying jobs. Those who went to college had everything laid out to them after graduation. A fancy diploma, fat paycheck, great career. Life was easy, for those who had the money for education.

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Stop Believing These Productivity Myths

Many people believe that productivity can be influenced by our mindsets. And that our attitudes while working can, in fact, change our pace and performance. But like creativity, you can’t just turn productivity on like a faucet. There’s no switch — no magic pill that can keep you in the zone all day long.

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Pets Over Parenthood? Understanding Millennial Pet Obsessions

With half of Millennials transitioning into adulthood, nobody really knows what kind of parents they will be because as it turns out – most millennials have another thing (aside from owning a house and car) that are not on their list : HAVING KIDS. And here’s what they want more: PETS.

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Pet Insurance Could Be The Next Top Employee Benefit

According to American Pet Products Association, the total global pet industry reached $60.28 billion for the year 2015, and it is estimated to be $62.75 billion by the end of 2016.