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5 Books You Shouldn't Miss This Autumn 2015 - ScoopFed

Autumn – the time of year where the air starts to cool, fallen leaves litter the pathways; people sip hot coffee while cuddling at home in their oversized sweaters. It’s one of the seasons loved by many book readers. Catch the autumn bug by reading these books on our autumn 2015 list:

Lucid dreaming world article

A World between Waking and Sleeping: 5 Possible Dangers of Self ...

Everybody dreams. It’s a natural occurrence that every living thing with mental capability experiences. People’s dreams vary and the works of our brains are all unpredictable. Unlike the body which rests when we are sleeping, the brain, at times, remains conscious.

Lucid dream is b a rare phenomenon where a dreamer realizes that he is dreaming. Unlike normal dreams, lucid dreams are vivid and dreamers often have complete control over his dreams (almost!).

Twitter marketing article

How to Use Twitter to Market Your Business

When it comes to online marketing, many people do not realize the full potential of social media to market revenue. Especially the use of Twitter. Twitter is a micro blogging service featuring a 140 character “tweets” or short messages.

Daughter article

How to Cultivate Your Child's Confidence through Dancing ...

Self-confidence starts from an early age. Kids start to feel shame, pride and guilt as early as three years old.

Tea article

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea That You Probably Didn't Know ...

While tea might be popularly known as a very British beverage, tea is actually widely consumed by people around the world. Ireland and Turkey are a nation of tea drinkers, as well as China who is by far the largest tea consumer with 1.6 billion pounds a year. So what makes tea a universally acceptable drink? Why is it good for you? Read on to find out.