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7 legitimate reasons to stop owning a car 696x463 article

7 Legitimate Reasons to Stop Owning A Car | Wealthy Gorilla

Sometimes you may feel like you can’t live without your car.

In fact, you can’t even remember a moment in your life not ever having one. Like television and the internet, cars are ingrained with the modern human’s existence.

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4 Ways to Juggle Entrepreneurship & Parenthood Successfully

When people talk about settling down and starting a family, it’s always understood that they would be focusing more on being parent than being a career man or woman.

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Establish Genuine Connections

A modern man’s life is sometimes described as but a combination of transitory attachments and meaningless pursuits.

For example, instead of focusing on how to create long-lasting relationships, he will be more interested in casual relationships with partners whom he’d break up after a week or two.